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Santu Mofokeng: Master Photographer Chasing Shadows

On hearing of the death of the mythical South African photographer Santu Mofokeng it felt just like a terrific shadow passing above us, the last withdrawal of a person who illuminates. Closing, since the guy from Soweto who recorded the outer and inner landscapes of black life during and after apartheid, had dwelt just

John Liebenberg: Great Photographer of Life And War In Southern Africa

South African photojournalist John Liebenberg is famous for his impressive body of work in Namibia, particularly the length of the late 1980s once the nation led towards its United Nations-supervised transition into liberty . Born in 1958 in Johannesburg, his youth wasn’t a simple one, a part of it invested in an orphanage. He finished

Marginalized Namibian People Try To Regain Photography After Colonialism

A lot of men and women consider photography as the supreme democratic mass medium. Everyone can upload and take a selfie to international platforms. Pictures taken by average folks and shared on societal media have led to political change, such as throughout the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Up to 80 percent of the Herero cultural